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Golden Software Surfer v9.8.669

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巨奶 鋼彈 98年下學期[hr]
商品名稱: Golden Software Surfer v9.8.669

商品分類: 3D動畫、模型、模具軟體

商品類型: 3D科學繪圖軟體軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2010-02-24




第一名的3D科學繪圖軟體軟體!如果您常發表科技性文章及論文 ,並且有眾多的數據要

變成XYZ 3D圖形,那Surfer 可以為您節省大量的時間,不必浪費昂貴的人工去做苦力.

所以Surfer成為全世界使用最多的數據式XYZ 3D繪圖軟體.


--Contour Maps 可做等高線圖,結果可輸出成3D DXF

--3D Wireframe Maps 可做三維網格圖

--3D Surface Maps 可做三維表面圖

--Post Maps 可做三維張貼圖文字標注

--Shaded Relief Maps 可做陰影圖,具有相片質量.

--Image Maps 可做影像圖, 可以做細膩的色階處理

--Vector Maps 可做向量圖,

--Base Maps 可輸入底圖以便搭配3D圖型

--Overlap Maps 可將圖型重疊

--Overlap Maps 可將地面影像圖與3D Surface重疊

--Gridding 可選擇多種方格化功能

--Output 圖型輸出可選CGM、DXF、BMP、GIF、EPS、HPGL等

--Worksheet 數據輸入可用Lotus、Excel、ASCII

--Text 文字可用上下標、數學符號、線型符號、顏色都可定義



Surfer is a contouring and 3D surface mapping

program that runs under Microsoft Windows. It

quickly and easily converts your data into

outstanding contour, 3D surface, 3D wireframe,

vector, image, shaded relief, and post maps.

Virtually all aspects of your maps can be customized

to produce exactly the presentation you want.

Producing publication quality maps has never been

quicker or easier.

Surfer is the most powerful, flexible, and

easy-to-use contouring and 3D surface mapping

package available. Surfer easily and accurately

transforms your data into spectacularly colorful

contour, surface, wireframe, shaded relief, image,

post, and vector maps in minutes! And best of all,

Surfer is affordable!

Surfer provides more gridding methods and more

control over gridding parameters than any other

software package on the market. Surfer will quickly

interpolate irregularly or regularly spaced data

into a useful, functional map. Use Surfer's default

settings or choose from twelve different gridding

methods. Each gridding method provides complete

control over an abundant number of gridding

parameters to generate the most accurate map

possible to best represent your data. Creating

high-precision maps has never been so easy!

In addition to creating surfaces, grid files allow

you to perform a variety of functions. Just a few of

the possibilities are calculating volume and area,

subtracting or adding grid files, or converting

outliers to a minimum or maximum value. Grid files

also enable you to apply filters to emphasize

details or remove background variation, blank a grid

file to prevent contours from being drawn through

specific areas (buildings, roads, or outside of

field areas), or create cross sections.

Customize your maps so they look their best! Each of

Surfer's ten map types has a multitude of editing

options to enhance its appearance. Change line

colors and thicknesses, edit point shapes, sizes,

and colors, or add gradient color fills and color

scale bars. Contour maps allow you to manipulate

contour line intervals, thickness, color, and

labeling. For shaded relief maps and 3D surface

maps, quickly change the lighting angle for a

realistic appearance. Create maps with multitudes of

information by including scale bars, legends, and

labels. These are just some of the endless options

Surfer offers to easily create the most colorful,

descriptive, and understandable maps - ready for


Options for creating informative maps are endless!

The smallest details are easy to apply and modify

with Surfer's extensive customization abilities!

Surfer lets you massage your data in many ways to

achieve the exact output you want. Surfer includes a

full-featured worksheet for creating, opening,

editing, and saving data files. Data files can be up

to one billion rows and columns! You can cut, copy,

and paste data within the Surfer worksheet or

between applications, and you can use Surfer's find

or find/replace commands to search for and replace

data. Sort your data on a specified column,

transform data with equations, filter data with

specified rules, and calculate statistics on your

data! You can also assign a projection to your data

and reproject the coordinates to a new projection or

coordinate system! Surfer lets you get the right

answers to your questions, simple and fast!

Surfer includes extensive customization options to

allow complete control over all map types. Overlay

or stack any number of maps and display an unlimited

number of maps per page. Scale, tilt, and rotate

your maps for the best data presentation possible.

Customize maps by adding text, symbols, polylines,

and polygons. With Surfer's Object Manager, all of

the objects on the page are logically organized and

are readily accessible for editing. No other mapping

software makes maps as easy to create and edit and

as customizable as Surfer!

Create your own scripts to automate repetitive

tasks! Don't spend time doing the same process over

and over again - write a simple script to simplify

your life! Operations performed interactively can be

controlled using an automation-compatible

programming language such as Visual Basic, C++, or

Perl. Surfer includes Scripter, a built-in Visual

Basic compatible programming environment that lets

you write, edit, debug, and run scripts. Why do more

work than you need when you have Surfer working for


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