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歐美經典老歌 弗吉尼亞州 丟失點唱機批量 VA-Lost Jukebox Volume 071-080

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商品名稱: 歐美經典老歌 弗吉尼亞州 丟失點唱機批量 VA-Lost Jukebox Volume 071-080

商品分類: MP3-DVD音樂

商品類型: 300首合成一片DVD-MP3

語系版本: 站長完整超強合輯

運行平台: Windows 7/XP/Vista/MP3 DVD 播放機

更新日期: 2010-08-25


Volume 71

01-the barron knights - she's the one (1964).mp3

02-the rugbys - til the day i die (1965).mp3

03-london & the bridges - leave her alone (1966).mp3

04-the fun of it - drollery (1966).mp3

05-teddy & the pandas - (bye bye) out the window (1966).mp3

06-joey edwards - trapped (1966).mp3

07-Wayne Fontana - From A Boy To A Man (1967)

08-united fruit co. - ain't it babe= (1967).mp3

09-the swingin' medallions - don't cry no more (1967).mp3

10-the epic splendor - cowboys and indians (1967).mp3

11-smokey & his sister - in a dream of silent seas (1967).mp3

12-the forum - it's sunday (1967).mp3

13-the steeple peeple - green plant (1967).mp3

14-the outer limits - help me, please (1967).mp3

15-the inrhodes - lookin' around (1967).mp3

16-the pop explosion - in the early evening time (!968).mp3

17-the bleus - milk and honey (1968).mp3

18-company front - not tday (1968).mp3

19-the roosters - i'm suspectin' (1968).mp3

20-the new dawn - someday (1968).mp3

21-ron moody & the centaurs - the new breed (1969).mp3

22-the fragile lime - i know what it is (1969).mp3

23-the nickel revolution - oscar crunch (1969).mp3

24-tobias - this kind of feeling (1969).mp3

25-christie - down the mississippi (1970).mp3

26-trakstod - carolina train (1970).mp3

27-bob summers - when i'm dead an gone (1971).mp3

28-the beach boys - cuddle up (1972).mp3

Volume 72

01-the hornets - seven days to tahiti (1964).mp3

02-the munsters - make it go away (1964).mp3

03-the staccatos - if this is love (1965).mp3

04-bill dorsey - but not today (1966).mp3

05-nancy ames - war is a card game (1966).mp3

06-tony romeo - my ol' gin buddy and me (1966).mp3

07-flip cartridge - don't take the lovers from the world (1966).mp3

08-tom northcott - sunny goodge street (1967).mp3

09-the young savages - can't get over you (1967).mp3

10-the sound investment - like my girl (1967).mp3

11-the care package - vinegar man (1967).mp3

12-sally field - find yourself a rainbow (1967).mp3

13-gary & the hornets - tell tale (1967).mp3

14-eyes of blue - heart trouble (1967).mp3

15-roly daniels - another teardrop (1968).mp3

16-lance rentzel - lookin' like somethin' that ain't (1968).mp3

17-the definitive rock chorale - variations on a theme called hanky panky (1968).mp3

18-the rock garden - sweet pajamas (1968).mp3

19-_ and the mysterians - make you mine (1968).mp3

20-the bag - nobody's child (1968).mp3

21-johnny green & the greenmen - stained glass lady (1969).mp3

22-the new yorkers - i guess the lord must be in new york city (1969).mp3

23-california - a little bit of faith (1969).mp3

24-flying giraffe - let's get to gettin' (1969).mp3

26-p.k. limited - feelings (1970).mp3

27-the vogues - we're on our way (1971).mp3

28-bob brady - i stand rejected (1972).mp3

29-sidney sharp - conquest (1964).mp3

Volume 73

01-the cinnamons - i'm not gonna worry (cause I know he's mine) (1964).mp3

02-the changin' times - thank you babe (1965).mp3

03-tony conigliaro - I was there (1966).mp3

04-6 7_8 - ski-daddle (1966).mp3

05-the cowsills - siamese cat (1966).mp3

06-vic dana - so what's new_ (1966).mp3

07-jerry keller - my heart loves the samba (best of all) (1967).mp3

08-the marshmellows - know tier (1967).mp3

09-the gentrys - 90 pound weakling (1967).mp3

10-len chandler - touch talk (1967).mp3

11-the blades of grass - just another face (1967).mp3

12-ted anderson - our snowflake dreams (1967).mp3

13-new wave - not from you (1967).mp3

14-the in crowd - inside out (1967).mp3

15-larry hensley - in the hush of the night (1968).mp3

16-michael brewer & tom shipley - green bamboo (1968).mp3

17-bobby gosh - last of the great (old hang around type girls) (1968).mp3

18-the new christy minstrels - stop in the name of love (1968).mp3

19-paula wayne - it's a happening world (1968).mp3

20-john & anne ryder - I still believe in tomorrow (1969).mp3

21-neil macarthur - twelve twenty nine (1969).mp3

22-the fourmyula - mill stream (1969).mp3

23-max frost & the troopers - sittin' in circles (1969).mp3

24-bobby and I - be young, be foolish, be happy (1969).mp3

25-sue & sunny - didn't I blow your mind (1970).mp3

26-white plains - noises (in my head) (1970).mp3

27-eve plumb - (nicchi sgnacchi mucchi mucchi) the fortune cookie song (1971).mp3

28-paper lace - you can't touch me (1972).mp3

Volume 74

01-the spotlights - dayflower (1966).mp3

02-the society girls - you better stay home (1963).mp3

03-henrietta & the hairdooz - it might as well be me (1963).mp3

04-the fabulous four - who could it be_ (1964).mp3

MISSING 05-Johnathan King - Green Is The Grass (1965)

06-the staccatos - face to face (with love) (1966).mp3

07-2 of clubs - my first heart break (1966).mp3

08-ronnie dante - think (1966).mp3

09-the monitors - don't put off tomorrow what you can do today (1966).mp3

10-the sidekicks - here's my friend (1967).mp3

11-the vogues - take a chance on me baby (1967).mp3

12-the giant crab - kind of funny (1967).mp3

13-phil gary - I don't understand (1967).mp3

14-the will-o-bees - looking glass (1967).mp3

15-the hello people - pray for rain (1968).mp3

16-the peppermint rainbow - walking in different circles (1968).mp3

17-the spaulding wood affair - your tomorrow (1968).mp3

18-daryl hall - a lonely girl (1968).mp3

19-mark radice - you took the words right out of my mouth (1968).mp3

20-the sweet bippies - love, anyway you want it (1968).mp3

21-flanagan - go my way (1969).mp3

22-the happenings - el paso country jail (1969).mp3

23-southbound freeway - don't go cryin' (1969).mp3

24-the fruit machine - willow tree (1969).mp3

25-the peace pipe - here we go again (1970).mp3

26-aeroplane - it's so better (1971).mp3

27-the tokens - you and me (1972).mp3

28-the surprise package - everything fine (1966).mp3

Volume 75

01-the cowsills - and the next day too (1965).mp3

02-patrick - move (1965).mp3

03-sounds [auckland] unlimited - you thrill me to pieces (1966).mp3

04-the robbs - i don't feel alone (1966).mp3

05-the roosters - you gotta run (1966).mp3

MISSING 06-The Seagulls - Hitting The Moon With A Sling Shot (1966)

07-the t-bones - tee hee hee (mylife seems different now) (1967).mp3

08-the barron knights - in the night (1967).mp3

09-the shanes - time (1967).mp3

10-band without a name - time after time (i keep on lovin' you) (1967).mp3

11-the fourmost authority - left hand lawyer (1967).mp3

12-a little bit of sound - i want you to know (1967).mp3

13-living daylights - i'm real (1967).mp3

14-the clique - stay by me (1967).mp3

15-jim & dale - sounds of the city (1967).mp3

16-tom northcott - 1941 (1968).mp3

17-a small world - i see you (1968).mp3

18-the glory rhodes - old laces (1968).mp3

19-men - leave a little (1968).mp3

20-the rose garden featuring diane deRose - if my wolrd falls through (1968).mp3

21-the smubbs - white paper sail (1969).mp3

22-the summer winds - high horse (1969).mp3

23-buckwheat - goodbye mr. applegate (1969).mp3

24-vic dana - sad day song (1969).mp3

25-p.k. limited - my imagination (1970).mp3

26-cupid's inspiration - brown eyed woman (1970).mp3

27-jam - off and running (1971).mp3

28-bjorn & benny - merry-go-round (1972).mp3

Volume 76

01-the barock-and-roll ensemble - eine kleine beatlemusic - (a) allegro (b) minuet and trio (c) finale (1965).mp3

02-the rainbows - my ringo (1964).mp3

03-the young world sisters - ringo for president (1964).mp3

04-jimmy griffin - all my loving (1964).mp3

05-jim doval - beattle rule (1964).mp3

06-jerry merritt - liverpool town (1965).mp3

07-the spokesmen - michelle (1966).mp3

08-the stained glass - if i needed someone (1966).mp3

09-the tudor minstrels - theme from _the family way_ (1967).mp3

10-peter cook & dudley moore - l.s. bumble bee (1967).mp3

11-joh foster & sons ltd black dyke mills band - yellow submarine (1968).mp3

12-the raw meat - run for your life (1968).mp3

13-sweet linda devine - good day sunshine (1968).mp3

14-trash - trash can (1969).mp3

15-the good ship lollipop - maxwell's silver hammer (1969).mp3

16-hot chocolate - give peace a chance (1969).mp3

17-joy unlimited - oh darling (1970).mp3

18-we five - here comes the sun (1970).mp3

19-ronnie spector - try some, buy some (1971).mp3

20-george harrison - deep blue (1971).mp3

21-chris hodge - we're on our way (1972).mp3

22-the sundown playboys - valse de soleil coucher (1972).mp3

23-wings - give ireland back to the irish (version) (1971).mp3

Volume 77

01-the honeycombs - i'll cry tomorrow (1964).mp3

02-the fenways - hard road ahead (1965).mp3

03-barry young - show me the way (1965).mp3

04-the happenings - he thinks he's a hero (1966).mp3

05-hedgehoppers anonymus - baby (you're my everything) (1966).mp3

06-thee midnighters - love special delivery (1966).mp3

07-the royal guardsmen - so right (to be in love) (1967).mp3

08-the staccatos - whisper words (1967).mp3

09-the bats - listen to my heart (1967).mp3

10-summer snow - flying on the ground (1967).mp3

11-georgie porgie & the cry babies - he's just like that (1967).mp3

12-earth opera - american eagle tragedy (1968).mp3

13-the hobbits - strawberry children (1968).mp3

14-the angels - the boy with the green eyes (1968).mp3

15-fabulous farquahr - teddy bear days (1968).mp3

16-don & the goodtimes - may my heart be cast into stone (1968).mp3

17-will-o-bees - listen to the music (1969).mp3

18-the wishbone - one & one make two (1969).mp3

19-robert john - children in the making (1969).mp3

20-the pendulum - dead dog (1969).mp3

21-sandy & dick st. john - quick like a bunny (1970).mp3

22-the beach boys - susie cincinnati (1970).mp3

23-edison lighthouse - every lonely day (1970).mp3

24-r. dean taylor - candy apple red (1971).mp3

25-howard chadwick - lonely girl (so sad and blue) (1972).mp3

Volume 78

01-the date with soul - bee side soul (1967).mp3

02-the timers - no go showboat (1963).mp3

03-jody miller - the fever (1964).mp3

04-the sweets - the richest girl (1965).mp3

05-roddie joy - come back baby (1965).mp3

06-paula wayne - never less than yesterday (1966).mp3

07-jonathan king - icicles (feel from the heart of a bluebird) (1966).mp3

08-the robbs - in a funny sort of way (1966).mp3

09-the scene - you're in a bad way (1967).mp3

10-gary lewis & the playboys - ice melts the sun (1967).mp3

11-randy & the rainbows - oh to get away (1967).mp3

12-the squirrels - who's the bird! (1967).mp3

13-randy fuller - revalation )167).mp3

14-the poor - love is real (1967).mp3

15-the cherry slush - don't walk away (1968).mp3

16-the guild light gauge - 14th annual fun & pleasure fair (1968).mp3

17-the osmond brothers - speak like a child (1968).mp3

18-andy kim - rainbow ride (1968).mp3

19-(the) safe as milk - eeny meeny (1968).mp3

20-crazy elephant - there's a better day comin' (na, na, na, na) (1969).mp3

21-the side show - little miss know it all (1969).mp3

22-the flying circus - hayride (1969).mp3

23-the new establishment - baby the rain must fall (1969).mp3

24-sunday people - stay together (1970).mp3

25-jennifer - we're not gonna take it (1970).mp3

26-fighter squadron - when he comes (1971).mp3

27-flash - small beginnings (1972).mp3

28-terry dactyl & the dinosaurs - sea side shuffle (1973).mp3

29-the caretaker - bee side blues (1968).mp3

Volume 79

01-me and them - show me you mean it (1964).mp3

02-the del satins - sweets for my sweet (1965).mp3

03-billy joe royal - yo-yo (1966).mp3

04-the gentrys - a woman of the world (1966).mp3

05-barbara feldon - max (1966).mp3

06-david and jonathan - one born every minute (1967).mp3

07-the celebration - junk man (1967).mp3

08-jackie lomax - genuine imitation life (1967).mp3

09-the swingin' medallions - turn on the music (1967).mp3

10-the messengers - window shopping (1967).mp3

11-jimmy george - ain't it something (1968).mp3

12-tyme syndicate - change my direction (1968).mp3

13-little carl carlton 14 year old sensation - why don't they leave us alone (1968).mp3

14-jeff thomas - happy just to be with you (1968).mp3

15-the cyrkle - reading her paper (1968).mp3

16-the bleus - wonder where the mellow went (1968).mp3

17-the renaissance - talk to yourself (1969).mp3

18-steve greenberg - big bruce (1969).mp3

19-the elephants memory - jungle gym at the zoo (1969).mp3

20-thomas & richard frost - where did yesterday go (1969).mp3

21-p.k. limited - forget about me (1969).mp3

22-harmony grass - stand on your own two feet (1970).mp3

23-the pooh - the suitcase (1970).mp3

24-1910 fruitgum co. - go away (1970).mp3

25-dusk - angel baby (1971).mp3

26-the new christy minstrels - you are always on my mind (1971).mp3

27-the armstrong brothers - it's a happy day (1972).mp3

Volume 80

01-mike curb - carole's rebel (1964).mp3

02-the tokens - a girl named arlene (1964).mp3

03-the princetons - georgianna (1966).mp3

04-the rubber band - charlena (1966).mp3

05-shorty long - chantilly lace (1967).mp3

06-tony bruno - helaina (1967).mp3

07-dion & the belmonts - for bobbie (1967).mp3

08-brute force - cudd'ly (1967).mp3

09-the youngfolk - mary said (1967).mp3

10-the mother love - goodbye mary (1968).mp3

11-robin mcnamara - lila (1968).mp3

12-amanda ambrose - amanda's man (1968).mp3

13-shannon - alice in blue (1969).mp3

14-andy kim - tricia tell your daddy (1969).mp3

15-pastrami malted - wiwwian wevy (1969).mp3

16-pat shannon - moody (1969).mp3

17-dave dee - kelly (1970).mp3

18-kansas city - linda was a lady (1970).mp3

19-the jordan brothers - charlotte (1970).mp3

20-tom northcott - suzanne (1971).mp3

21-the english congregation - when susie takes the plane (1971).mp3

22-red, wilder, blue - kay (1971).mp3

23-reneri's raiders - crazy ellen's home made blueberry jam (1972).mp3

24-tony christie - celia (1972).mp3

25-vincent bell - marilyn's theme (1970).mp3

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