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絕版珍藏 VA - Jazz Moods Collection 1997年-2004年

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陽宅風水 dr.eye[hr]
商品名稱: 絕版珍藏 VA - Jazz Moods Collection 1997年-2004年

商品分類: MP3-DVD音樂

商品類型: 21片合成一片DVD-MP3

語系版本: 站長完整超強合輯

運行平台: Windows 7/XP/Vista/MP3 DVD 播放機

更新日期: 2011-09-20




1997 - Brazilian Nights

1997 - Jazz By The Fire

1998 - Jazz At Loves End

1998 - Morning Cup Of Jazz

1999 - Cocktail Party

1999 - Dinner By Candlelight

1999 - Feeling Sentimental

1999 - Jazz and The Sunday Times

1999 - Jazz At Days End

1999 - Jazz At Nights End

1999 - Jazz At Weeks End

1999 - Latin Romance

1999 - Saturday Afternoon Jazz

1999 - Tranquility

2000 - Jazz In The Afternoon

2001 - Cha Cha Party

2001 - Latin Dance Party

2001 - Mood Indigo

2004 - Jazz At The Norh Pole

2004 - Sounds of Autumn

2004 - Sounds of Winter

Cover & Tracklist

專輯英文名: Jazz Moods: Brazilian Nights

專輯中文名: 巴西之夜

歌手: Various Artists

版本: [Ogg]

發行時間: 1999年05月16日

地區: 美國

語言: 英語






01. Corcovado - Charlie Byrd/Ken Peplowski

02. This Is For Luisa - Trio Da Paz

03. Manha de Carnaval - Susannah McCorkle

04. Meditation - Marian McPartland

05. Seu Acalento - Hendrik Meurkens

06. How Insensitive - Manfredo Fest

07. Saindo de Mim - Ivan Lins/Hendrik Meurkens

08. Estate - Ali Ryerson

09. Wave - Jeff Linsky

10. Comecar de Novo - Manfredo Fest

11. Faltando Um Pedaco - Karrin Allyson

Artist: VA

Title Of Album: Jazz Moods - Jazz by the Fire

Year Of Release: 11. November 2005

Label: Concord

Genre: Jazz

Quality: Mp3

Bitrate: 320 kbps

Total Time: 72 min

Total Size: 145mb

Settle in for an evening of Jazz by the Fire with this budget-priced

sampler from Concord Records. The mellow collection of great standards

includes 64 minutes of such top artists as Gary Burton, Jim Hall, and Stan

Getz. Dennis Rowland, Karrin Allyson, and Tom Lellis contribute vocal

ballads. This installment of the Jazz Moods series is beautiful listening. -

-David Horiuchi


01.Gary Burton & Friends - For All We Know

02.Scott Hamiltion with Strings - My Foolish Heart

03.Dennis Rowland - Easy Living

04.Stefan Scaggiari Trio - Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered

05.Jim Hall - Prelude To A Kiss

06.Karrin Allyson - I Didn't Know About You

07.Ray Brown Trio featuring Gene Harris - That's All

08.Stan Getz - How Long Has This Been Going On

09.Tom Lellis - My One And Only Love

10.Alan Broadbent - Lady In The Lake

11.Stanley Cowell - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

唱片公司:Concord Records.

製作工具:EAC 0.95b4 + Monkey's Audio 3.97

封面攝影:John Klycinski

封面模特:Chris Walsh


著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格結集



Jazz at Love's End》,或譯做《愛之盡頭》。


「The ultimate jazz vocal ballad collection of songs about love lost. Sung by

some of jazz's very finest. Sympathetle musical company for the broken-

hearted. Jazz Moods: Jazz At Love's End reminds you that your're not the only

one who's been though the heartche of ending a romance.

--------Compilation Produced by John Burk & Nick phillips

Jazz Moods: Morning Cup of Jazz is designed -- like a cup of strong hot

coffee -- to ease listeners pleasantly but firmly into the day and, as

such, compiles jazz tracks with an easygoing yet energetic feel. The

musical styles are all over the place -- Latin jazz, Brazilian jazz, jazz-

pop, funky soul-jazz -- so the collection really doesn't hang together well

(unless you have a very short attention span and don't notice the abrupt

shifts). Then again, the variety may actually make it more interesting for

some listeners, and most of the cuts do have an infectious sort of energy

that makes the title fairly accurate.

(01) [Pete Escovedo] Flying South

(02) [Jack McDuff] Killer Joe

(03) [Poncho Sanchez] Morning

(04) [Frank Vignola] Let It Happen

(05) [Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau] Cajun Cookin'

(06) [Mongo Santamaria] Day Tripper

(07) [Ernestine Anderson] I'm Walkin'

(08) [Gary Burton] Poinciana

(09) [Jeff Linsyky] Mornin'

(10) [Tania Maria] Come With Me

The swankiest of the releases in the Jazz Moods series, Cocktail Party

combines songs from smooth characters like Benny Goodman, Johnny Mercer,

and Jimmy Van Heusen with fun songs by the likes of Jimmy Durante and Fats

Waller. The result is both stylish and celebratory, and great background

music for whatever soir□e you may be hosting.

(01) [Joey DeFrancesco's Goodfellas] Fly Me to the Moon

(02) [Monty Alexander] Come Fly With Me

(03) [Flip Phillips & Scott Hamilton] A Smooth One

(04) [Kenny Burrell] Satin Doll

(05) [Stanley Cowell] Jitterbug Waltz

(06) [Herb Ellis & Ray Brown] Inka-Dinka-Do

(07) [Marian McPartland with Tommy Flanagan] Jeepers Creepers

(08) [Jimmy Bruno] Witchcraft

(09) [Ruby Braff & Roger Kellaway] I Want to Be Happy

(10) [Gene Harris] Hot Toddy

(11) [Dave McKenna] A Shine on Your Shoes

(12) [Ken Peplowski] Pretend

(13) [Ray Brown Trio] Ja-Da

專輯英文名: Jazz Moods: Dinner by Candlelight

歌手: Various Artist

音樂風格: 爵士

資源格式: FLAC

發行時間: 1999年03月16日

地區: 美國

語言: 英語



著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格



Dinner by Candlelight 》,或譯做《燭光晚餐》。

Exactly what I was looking for -- soft, easy jazz, multiple artists for

that special dinner with friends. Casual conversation but great, subtly

inspiring music in the background. Yes, the perfect music for a perfect


唱片公司:Concord Records.

製作工具:EAC 0.95b4 + Monkey's Audio 3.97

封面攝影:John Klycinski

封面模特:Robin Miller


著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格結集



Feeling Sentimental》,或譯做《傷感情懷》,也是本人最喜愛的一張。


Feeling Sentimental? Here's the consummate soundtrack to accompany that

special mood. Reminsee and refleet on all those yesterdays whth Jazz Moods:

Feeling Sentimental, a beautifully pensive collection of songs ranging from

the romantic to the better-sweet, seamlessly threaded together by the

exquisite artistry of some of Jazz's most lyrical vocalists and


--------Compilation Produced by Glen Barros

01.Karrin Allyson - Everything Must Change

02.Jeff Linsky - Murrieta's Farewell

03.Rosemary Clooney - When October Goes

04.Scott Hamilton - In a Sentimental Mood

05.Mel Tome - It's Easy to RememberAdios

06.George Shearing - My Favorite Things

07.Carol Sloane - I'm Getting Sentimental over You

08.Herb Ellis & Remo Palmier - Danny Boy

09.Marian Stallings - Tears in Heaven

10.Marian McPartland - Long Ago And Far Away

11.Dennis Rowland - It Never Entered My Mind

12.Stefan Scaggiari - If I Could

專輯英文名: Jazz moods - Jazz & The Sunday Times

歌手: Various Artists

音樂風格: 爵士

資源格式: FLAC

發行時間: 1999年

地區: 美國

語言: 英語



著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格



Jazz & The Sunday Times》,或譯做《週日時光》。

01.Stan Getz - Blue Skies

02.The Red Holloway Clark Terry Sextet - Come Sunday

03.Gary Burton & Friends - Tenderly

04.Alan Foster Broadbent Gary - Wonder Why

05.Susannah Mccorkle - Love Walked In

06.The Gene Harris Quartet - Nice ?N? Easy

07.Scott Hamilton - Embraceable You

08.The Art Farmer Quartet - Warm Valley

09.Emily Remler - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

10.Ernestine Anderson - In A Mellow Tone



01.Scott Hamilton - Jump For Joy

02.Carol Sloane - Take Your Shoes Off, Baby

03.Frank Capp Trio With Rickey Wodard - Sweet Lorraine

04.Ray Brown Trio With Ralph Moore - Everything I Love

05.Ed Bickert With Dave McKenna - I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

06.Dennis Rowland - I Could Write A Book

07.Gene Harris Quartet - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

08.Al Cohn - When Day Is Done

09.Dave McKenna & Buddy DeFranco - If You Could See Me Now

10.Mary Stallings - You Got To My Head

唱片公司: Concord Records.

壓縮比率: 192kbps CBR


著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格結集



Jazz at night's end》,或譯做《長夜盡頭》。


The perfeet CD for invoking that after-hours mood, and the ultimate

companion to your favorite cigar, snifter of brandy, or any other late-

night company, after-hours ballads.

-------- Compilation Produced by Nick Phillips

01.Scott Hamilton - 'Round Midnight

02.Gene Harris & Jack McDuff - You Don't Know What Love Is

03.Carol Sloane - In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

04.Marian McPartland - Stranger in a Dream

05.Ray Brown Trio w- Ralph Moore - Polka Dots and Moonbeams

06.Monty Alexander - Angel Eyes

07.Gary Foster - The Peacocks

08.Mel Torme - This is My Night to Dream

09.Emily Remier - In a Sentimental Mood

10.Jimmy Rowles & Ray Brown - Alone Together

11.Scott Hamilton - Tonight I Shall Sleep with a Smile on My Face

專輯介紹: At last, the work week is done, and now it's time to fully enjoy a

richly-deserved weekend. And there's no better way to get your weekend off to

the right start than with Jazz Moods: Jazz At Week's End as your

soundtrack. So this weekend, coast along with Jazz Moods: Jazz At Week's

End - a collection of sprightly - yet - unhurried music that is sure to

make you forget your worries, and put a smile on your face.

01.Ernestine Anderson - Sunny

02.Stan Getz - Easy Living

03.Hendrick Meurkens - A Summer In San Francisco

04.Marian Mcpartland - A Delicate Balance

05.Rosemary Clooney - Haven't Got A Worry

06.Laurindo AlmeidaCarlos Barbosa-LimaCharlie Byrd - Weekend Cruise To


07.Hank Jones - Lazy Afternoon

08.Jeff Linsky - Pacifica

09.Carol Sloane - Sunday

10.George Van Eps & Howard Alden - Blue Skies

11.Ali Ryerson - Estate (Summer)

唱片公司: Concord Records.

製作工具: EAC 0.95b4 + Monkey's Audio 3.97


著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格結集



Romance 》,或譯做《拉丁浪漫》。


If your want a romance to ignite, just pour on the tropical, musical heat

of Jazz Moods: Latin Romance. Smoldering with slow-buring passion and

featuring hand-picked performances by the master of Latin Jazz - Tito Puente,

Cal Tjader, Mongo Santamaria, Poncho Sanchez and Pete Escovedo - Jazz

Moods: Latin Romance is the ultimate collection of romantic boleros.

--------Compilation Produced by Chris Dunn

01.Poncho Sanchez - A Time for Love

02.Cal Tjader - This Couldn't Be the Real Thing

03.Tito Puente - Prelide To a Kiss

04.Pete Escovedo - Como Rien

05.Poncho Sanchez - Si No Hay Amore

06.Mongo Santamaria - Oasis

07.Carmen McRae & Cal Tjader - All in Love Is Fair

08.Tito Puente - Creme de Menthe

09.Poncho Sanchez - Siempre Te Amare

10.Cal Tjader - This Is Always

11.Poncho Sanchez - Anque Tu

01.Surrey With The Fringe On Top - Mary Stallings

02.Nuages (Clouds) - Tal Farlow & Tommy Flanagan

03.The Best Things In Life Are Free - Ken Peplowski

04.Soft Winds - Gene Harris & Jack McDuff

05.O Barquinho (My Little Boat) - Karrin Allyson

06.Summer Wind - Monty Alexander

07.Chelsea Bridge - Scott Hamilton & Howard Alden

08.Hello Youg Lovers - Toots Thielemans

09.Dolphin Dance - Howard Roberts

10.On The Sunny Side of the Street - George Shearing & Ernestine Anderson

11.I'm Just a Lucky So And So - Bill Mays

12.Young At Heart - Joey DeFrancesco

Various Artists - Jazz Moods: Tranquility

Flac (image +.cue + log) | Label: Concord Records | August 3, 1999 | 220Mb (

+5% rec.)

MP3 | 320 kbps | 138 mb (+5% rec.)

Genre: Ballads,Vocal Jazz


1. Lotus Blossom Kenny Burrell 3:45

2. Guru Kenny Werner 6:25

3. Ponta De Areia Joanne Brackeen 4:08

4. Cavatina Charlie Byrd 4:16

5. Wind Call/Nocturne Song Carlos Barbosa-Lima 3:26

6. Emily George Shearing 5:52

7. Angel's Serenade Jeff Linsky 3:37

8. Summer Song Marian McPartland 3:21

9. All Across The City Jim Hall 5:26

10. Camila Ali Ryerson 3:23

11. Fantasy On A Hawaiian Lullaby Carlos Barbosa-Lima 5:57

12. After Thoughts Walter Norris 4:52

Artist: VA

Title Of Album: Jazz Moods: Jazz in the Afternoon

Year Of Release: 25 Apr 2000

Label: Concord

Genre: Jazz

Quality: Mp3

Bitrate: 320 kbps

Total Time: 36 min

Total Size: 150 MB.

This installment of Concord Records' Jazz Moods series is a 63-minute

collection sampling the excellent Concord roster. Among the highlights:

Gary Burton collaborates with Peter Erskine, Fred Hersch, and John Scofield

on Frank Loesser's "If I Were a Bell"; Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

contribute the bluesy "Luv in the Afternoon"; and the Gene Harris Quartet

lopes through Horace Silver's "Strollin'." Jazz in the Afternoon provides

an easy-swinging backdrop to your day.


1.Gary Burton and Friends - If I Were A Bell

2.Alan Broadbent Trio - Easy Living

3.Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham - Luv In The Afternoon

4.Gene Harris Quartet - Strollin'

5.Kenny Werner and Chris Potter - Sail Away

6.Karrin Allyson - Daydream

7.Rickey Woodard - Sashay

8.Ali Ryerson - Blue In The Green

9.Carol Sloane - Isn't This A Lovely Day

10.Kenny Barron - Sunshower


01.Poncho Sanchez feat Joey DeFrancisco - Bodacious Q

02.Mongo Santamaria - Day Tripper

03.Tito Puente & His Latin Ensemble - Oye Como Va

04.Carribean Jazz Project - Jamboree

05.Ray Barretto & New World Spirit - Killer Joe

06.Poncho Sanchez with Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man

07.Cal Tjader - Guachi Guaro (Soul Sauce)

08.Ray Vega - Boperation

09.Ed Calle - Rum & Coke (Cuba Libre)

10.Pete Escovedo - Ah Bailar Cha Cha Cha

11.Poncho Sanchez - B□same Mana


這是張經典的拉丁爵士專輯,融合了當代爵士大師 Poncho Sanchez, Tito Puente,

Cal Tjader 以及 Pete Escovito等人的作品。這個是2002年再版的專輯,原名為「

Cha Cha Party」。隨著開場曲目「Bodacious Q」電聲節拍的響起,我們就如同來到了



01.Poncho Sanchez feat Joey DeFrancisco - Bodacious Q

02.Mongo Santamaria - Day Tripper

03.Tito Puente & His Latin Ensemble - Oye Como Va

04.Carribean Jazz Project - Jamboree

05.Ray Barretto & New World Spirit - Killer Joe

06.Poncho Sanchez with Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man

07.Cal Tjader - Guachi Guaro (Soul Sauce)

08.Ray Vega - Boperation

09.Ed Calle - Rum & Coke (Cuba Libre)

10.Pete Escovedo - Ah Bailar Cha Cha Cha

11.Poncho Sanchez - Besame Mama

專輯英文名: Jazz Moods:Mood Indigo

歌手: Various Artist

音樂風格: 爵士

資源格式: MP3

發行時間: 2004年04月27日

地區: 美國

語言: 英語


資源碼率:320kbps CBR

發行公司:協和爵士(Concord Records.)


著名的爵士樂廠牌協和爵士(Concord Records.)出品的爵士樂精選集。按照風格結集



Mood Indigo》,或譯做《藍色心情》。


01.Gene Harris - Black And Blue

02.Mary Stallings - Black Coffee

03.Kenny Burrell - Blue In Green

04.Jeannie Cheatham & Jimmy Cheatham - Basket Full Of Blues

05.Brother Jack McDuff - My Funny Valentine

06.Karrin Allyson - The Meaning Of The Blues

07.Marian McPartland - Mood Indigo

08.Carmen McRae - Fine And Mellow

09.George Shearing - Don't Explain

10.Nnenna Freelon - If I Had You

01.Rosemary Clooney - Let It Snow

02.Rickey Woodard featuring Cedar Walton - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

03.The Frank Vignola Quintet - Jingle Bells

04.The Gene Harris Quartet - I'll Be Home For Christmas

05.Mary Stallings - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

06.Poncho Sanchez - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

07.Scott Hamilton - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)

08.Howard Alden & Ken Peplowski - Winter Wonderland

09.Michael Feinstein featuring Alan Broadbent - Who Says There Ain't No Santa


10.Caribbean Jazz Project - Sleigh Ride

11.George Shearing - My Favorite Things

12.Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass - A Christmas Love Song

13.Dave McKenna - O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum! (O Christmas Tree)

14.Carol Sloane - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.mp3

01.Autumn Leaves (Les Fueilles Mortes) - Karrin Allyson

02.Autumn In New York - Charlie Byrd

03.Autumn Serenade - Mel Torm□

04.September Song - The Gene Harris Quartet

05.Lullaby Of The Leaves - Mary Stallings

06.Early Autumn - Barney Kessel

07.Maybe September - Bill Evans

08.September In The Rain - Dave McKenna

09.Autumn Nocturne - Carol Sloane

10.Song D'Autumne - Jimmy Bruno

11.When October Goes - Diane Schuur

01.Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good) - Scott Hamilton

02.You Must Believe In Spring - Bill Evans

03.Come Rain Or Come Shine - Stan Getz Quartet

04.Stormy Weather - Rosemary Clooney

05.Here's That Rainy Day - Monty Alexander

06.Isn't This A Lovely Day (To Be Caught In The Rain) - Susannah McCorkle

07.Rain Waltz - Toots Thielemans

08.Come In Out Of The Rain - Carmen McRae

09.Snowfall - Emily Remler

10.You Can't Rush Spring - Karrin Allyson

11.Shades Of Grey - Jimmy Bruno

12.It Might As Well Be Spring - Mel Torm□

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