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BBC Muzzy Language Course 學5種外語 12

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投資理財 軟體王 虛擬機器[hr]商品名稱: BBC Muzzy Language Course 學5種外語 12

商品分類: 外語綜合教學DVD

商品類型: 幼兒教學

語系版本: 英語/法語/西班牙語/德語/意大利語發音 英文/法文/西班牙文/德文/意大利文語言字幕版

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更新日期: 2010-10-20


片名:(此片售價150元)BBC Muzzy Language Course 學5種外語 12 英語/法語/西班牙語/德語/意大利語發音
2010.09.20 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZCD Studio(31.to/xyz,76.to/xyz)


BBC Muzzy Language Course 學5種外語 英/法/西/德/意 17DVD 英/法/西/德/意


1.BBC Muzzy Multilenguage Language Course Level I & II 全套16DVD,




The World's No. 1 Language Programme for Children

【語言字幕】:英法德西意5種發音/5種字幕 ,可以學習5種語言。



It's the easiest way for children to learn a new language

MUZZY, the award-winning BBC Language Course for Children is the most

respected children's language course in the world. Celebrated in 100

countries, and winner of top educational awards, MUZZY has been called a

masterpiece for children. MUZZY has successfully introduced millions of

children to a second language.

Children learn at their own pace

You will appreciate the unhurried delivery of MUZZY』s animated stories,

geared to the way youngsters absorb the world around them. Just by watching,

listening and imitating what they see and hear, children soak up the sounds

and rhythm of the language without work. Without struggle. Without


In contrast to the overstimulating, frantic pace of most children』s

television, MUZZY is like a play date with your child』s favorite friends.

To a child "playing with MUZZY" is the most natural thing in the world. When

the engaging characters speak, youngsters automatically answer in the same

language. Parents who struggled with a foreign language for years in

school are astonished how quickly and easily their children pick up a new


The secret behind MUZZY is

early immersion

Many scientific researchers have found that early exposure to a foreign

language can do more for your child than simply teach him or her a second

language. Some experts have said that it stimulates neurons in the

developing brain and literally expands a child』s learning capacity.

Kids learn language best by immersion -- seeing, hearing and responding to

what's around them. The more ways in which your child is engaged with

MUZZY, the more quickly and naturally he or she will absorb the new language.

The 7 reasons why your child should learn a second language now:

Just English is No Longer Enough. Our global community makes it more vital

than ever to communicate across borders and around the world.

Early is Better.Many researchers agree that there are clear educational

advantages to introducing foreign languages when children are still young.

Achieve Excellent Reading Skills. Children learning a foreign language are

able to recognize symbolic relationships between letters/characters and

sounds - skills which help make excellent readers.

Greater Self-Esteem. Children love being able to communicate in another

language. MUZZY gets kids talking, imitating, play-acting and sharing what

they know. It』s a real confidence-builder.

A Native Accent is Still Easy. MUZZY uses authentic, native speakers so

your child will pick up native speech patterns.

Prepare Future Opportunities in a Global World.Competence in foreign

languages is increasingly valued by universities. Languages open doors in

business and the arts too.

Acquire a Lifelong Advantage.Learning another language offers a lifetime of

rewarding insight, connections, possibilities and adventure.

Start Early

MUZZY is for children of all ages!

Experts say that there are unique language learning advantages in

childhood. Some point to unique cognitive advantages and benefits. Others

point simply to the native-sounding accents and higher levels of

proficiency ultimately achieved by younger language learners. Regardless of

the reasoning, research shows that earlier is better for language learning.

At Early Advantage, we believe that childhood is a special time, a "window of

opportunity" for parents to introduce their child to languages and other

new experiences that will expand a child's world, grow an appreciation for

other cultures and foster a lifelong love of learning.

學習MUZZY 成功的故事

Early Language Learning

Success Stories from MUZZY Parents, Teachers and Alumni Around the World

MUZZY is successful around the globe and internationally recognized for its

approach to language learning. But, we are most proud of the letters and

stories that we continue to receive from both members of the first generation

of kids raised on MUZZY that are now in college or launching their careers as

well as the parents of current MUZZY kids of all ages.

Read on to see what MUZZY kids, parents and teachers have to say about

their success with MUZZY.

18-month-old Rebecca is beginning to speak French and takes her MUZZY doll

everywhere.「Muzzy is so beneficial. I』m telling everyone about the

benefits of early learning,」 says Rebecca's mother, Stacy.

A family trip to Guatemala : Terri and Luis with sons Daniel (16), Ben (

14) and Andy (3).「It was important when we took the children to Guatemala

that they be able to speak to Luis』 family and grandmother, who speak little

or no English. And they did,」 says Terri, mother of three.

「Sydney』s language explosion started with Muzzy,」 reports Sydney's

mom Kathleen.Sydney got MUZZY at 15 months and began speaking to her

parents in French 3 months later. At 3, she loves to read, which her

parents attribute to early exposure to MUZZY.

「Penny's love of MUZZY continues,」 says Penny's mother Katie.Penny』s

parents introduced her to MUZZY Spanish before her first birthday and MUZZY

quickly became a best friend.

Sara at 2, when she started speaking Spanish as if someone had flipped a

switch.「One day she spoke English-only, the next day, she was a bilingual

wit,」 wrote Sara's mom.

Katherine began MUZZY with Mrs. T.Now in college, Katherine, one of Mrs.

T's first MUZZY students, told us, 「[MUZZY] set a great foundation for my


5?-year-old Mikala 「is not even aware that she is speaking a foreign

language.She thinks she is playing,」 says her mother. 「I』m amazed at

what she』s picked up on without having to work at it!」

Fulbright Scholar uses MUZZY with his own students!「Everything I learned,

I learned from Muzzy,」 says C.J., a MUZZY alumnus and Fulbright Scholar

now teaching German and Spanish in Texas.

「This was the moment to introduce a second language,」 Mac's mom told

Early Advantage. 2?-year-old Mac especially loves singing the Spanish songs.

"Alex started using MUZZY soon after he was diagnosed with autism," writes

Alex』s mom Jan.The story line and lively music held Alex』s attention better

than other educational videos his parents had tried.

「It teaches you to think in another language,」 says Jonathan. Jonathan

started MUZZY Spanish when he was 3 and recently graduated from Columbia


「I』m using my languages to travel the world,」 reports Becky.Becky

started MUZZY French in preschool and is now a student at Dartmouth.

「The MUZZY Program does the work itself. We』re just the icing on the

cake,」 says Carilynn.PTA treasurer and parent Carilynn, who spearheaded an

elementary school foreign language program built on MUZZY』s unique design

and methodology.

「MUZZY has subtly but indelibly left its mark on him,」 Connor's father

William tells us.His parents introduced Connor to MUZZY when he was just 4

months old.

「MUZZY is the first thing Curran asks for in the morning,」 says his

mother.At 27 months, Curran took to MUZZY instantly and his parents are


「As a trainer of teachers I've found that MUZZY is a great conversation

starter, even for children and adults with limited language experience,」

reports David, a Peace Corps volunteer in Azerbaijan who teaches English to

5th-11th graders and trains teachers to teach English.

「I know my French helped me get the job,」 Debbie told Early Advantage.

Debbie』s parents introduced MUZZY French before she was 3. At Harvard, her

language skills helped her secure a summer job as editor of a travel guide.

Upon graduation, she landed a job with an international company.

「Our MUZZY kids are far more successful and heads above students arriving

here who didn』t have MUZZY!」Foreign Language Chair and Spanish Teacher,

Stephanie W. and French teacher Veronique S. with students at the prestigious

Pendleton School and IMG Academies in Bradenton, FL.

「When the lyrics are in Spanish, you remember the words forever,」 says

Emily, one of the first generation of MUZZY alumni.Emily, who speaks French

and Spanish, graduated from Brown University and will soon finish

veterinary school.

「MUZZY is a cultural bridge with his heritage,」 Nicholas' father Alex

told us.For 3-year-old Nicholas, MUZZY is both a language experience and a

cultural connection.

「You learn it without working at it!」 says Benjamin's father.MUZZY made

learning Chinese fun for Benjamin, age 6.

「We love it!」says Xiaoning, the mother of 8-year-old Simon.

At 9 months, Joey said 「Mootsie」 before he said 「Mama」 reported Joey's

father Pat. Amanda and Joey, at 3? and 1?, are already speaking Italian,

thanks to MUZZY.

「She started reading early because of MUZZY.」The father of 5-year-old

Lara with says, 「I think children learn about friendship, as well, from


「MUZZY gave our kids a great head start,」 says the mother of twins.After

just 8 weeks with MUZZY, twins Ruby and Madeleine (now 3 ?) surprised the

entire family by suddenly speaking in Spanish.

「I don』t think she』s aware that she』s even learning another

language. It』s just such a natural part of what she does.I am convinced that

my daughter will be a fluent Spanish speaker,」 says the mother of Jaiden,

age 3. 「That』s something I wish I』d been able to do.」

"We're really thrilled to bits" about Rose and Leona learning Italian."

When we went to Italy and Rose was visiting with my husband's family and

friends, a child who, of course, spoke nothing but Italian spoke often to

Rose, and Rose was completely comfortable," says the mother of Rose (5) and

Leona (3).

"MUZZY gives us a guilt-free way to let the kids watch TV.""My wife was

picking up Luke and Caleb at pre-school and Luke's teacher asked if we were

doing anything special this weekend," recalls their father. "My abuela y

abuelo are coming to visit and stay at mi casa!" then-4-year-old Luke


「The children have received a superb foundation in basic French from

MUZZY,」 says the mother of Emily and Joshua.Emily and Joshua started MUZZY

French at 5 and 3 and their parents see the difference it』s made in their


「We live in a global world where we cannot expect to speak only one

language. I think Muzzy is THE program to use!」Ernestina M. teaches Italian

at The American School of London, and was recently knighted by the Italian

Government for her role in promoting Italian language and culture abroad. She

develops standards for primary schools assessment tools on the committee

implementing the UK language mandate to introduce languages in primary school

by 2010.

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