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歐美經典老歌 弗吉尼亞州 丟失點唱機批量 VA-Lost Jukebox-Volume 021-030

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g點 櫻井翔 謝孟媛[hr]商品名稱: 歐美經典老歌 弗吉尼亞州 丟失點唱機批量 VA-Lost Jukebox-Volume 021-030

商品分類: MP3-DVD音樂

商品類型: 300首合成一片DVD-MP3

語系版本: 站長完整超強合輯

運行平台: Windows 7/XP/Vista/MP3 DVD 播放機

更新日期: 2010-08-25


Volume 21
01 - Annie Corrado - My World.mp3
02 - The Inferno - The Hurt Doesn't Go Away.mp3
03 - The Golden Bough - 25 Cents.mp3
04 - The Tuesday Club - A Goddess In Many Ways.mp3
05 - The Gentle Touch - Among The First To Know.mp3
06 - Four Below Zero - It's Sally's Birthday Today.mp3
07 - Tomorrow's World - Tinkling Glasses.mp3
08 - Linda Ball - The End.mp3
09 - The ''New'' Sound Spectrum - Summer Girl (Now That Summer's Over).mp3
10 - The July Four - Frightened Little Girl.mp3
11 - The Carnival Of Sound - I Can't Remember.mp3
12 - The New Lime - She Kissed Me (With Her Eyes).mp3
13 - The Scene - Scenes (From Another World).mp3
14 - Friends Of The Family - Can't Go Home.mp3
15 - Blades Of Grass - Pageant.mp3
16 - Goldrush - Somebody's Turning On The People.mp3
17 - Fountain Of Youth - Day Don't Come.mp3
18 - The Sugar Canyon - On A Summer Night.mp3
19 - Finders Keepers - Friday Kind Of Monday.mp3
20 - Group Therapy - Magic In The Air.mp3
21 - The Lime - Love A Go-Go.mp3
22 - The Music Asylum - I Need Someone (The Painter).mp3
23 - The NJ Orange - (You've Got To) Live For Today.mp3
24 - Sunday Monday - Wish You Were With Me.mp3
25 - A Group Called Eve - Smile.mp3
26 - The Ides Of March - Nobody Loves Me.mp3
27 - The Golden Horizon - Love Is The Only Answer.mp3
28 - The High & Mighty - Come With Me.mp3

Volume 22
01-the arbors - anybody here for love (1965).mp3
02-gabriel & the teenage choir - tweedlee dum's drive-in (1966).mp3
03-the jones boys - impressions (1966).mp3
04-wishful thinking - v.i.p. (1966).mp3
05-the definitive rock chorale - in the mirrors of your mind (1967).mp3
06-something young - oh, don't come crying back to me (1967).mp3
07-jon - so much for mary (1967).mp3
08-the myddle class - wind chime laughter (1967).mp3
09-strawberry children - love years coming (1967).mp3
10-the surprise package - the other me (1967).mp3
11-the chocolate tunnel - the highly successful young rupert white (1967).mp3
12-the giant sunflower - what's so good about good-bye (1967).mp3
13-the coastliners - i see me (1967).mp3
14-phineas & the lemon fogg - anything can happen (when you're lonely) (1968).mp3
15-the boys and girls - climb aboard my dream (1968).mp3
16-the waterproof candle - electrically heated child (1968).mp3
17-the marshmellow highway - loving you makes everything alright (1968).mp3
18-the cowboys 'n' indians - vanilla days and chocolate nights (1968).mp3
19-the camel drivers - sunday morning 6 o'clock (1968).mp3
20-the sunrise highway - goin' to california (1968).mp3
21-hudsen bay co. - you (1968).mp3
22-roman rebellion - what summer brings (1968).mp3
23-the milky way - sunshine daffodils (1969).mp3
24-rainbow ship - warm, warm sun (1969).mp3
25-candy choir - lucky jim (1970).mp3
26-the sunshine trolley - cover me babe (1970).mp3
27-mark richardson - lord baltimore (1970).mp3

Volume 23
01-barry mann - amy (1964).mp3
02-ronnie dante - janie janie (1966).mp3
03-wayne carson - julie anna's gone (1966).mp3
04-terry knight - lizbeth peach (1966).mp3
05-the steeple peeple - oh, kathy (1967).mp3
06-the excels - the arrival of mary (1967).mp3
07-don & the goodtimes - bambi (1967).mp3
08-the berkeley kites - alice in wonderland (1967).mp3
09-milk - angela jones (1968).mp3
10-ice cream - epitaph to marie (1968).mp3
11-the new lime - donna (1968).mp3
12-the clean sweeps - karen (1968).mp3
13-the magic ring - little mary sunshine (1968).mp3
14-the osmond brothers - mary elizabeth (1968).mp3
15-sandy salisbury - cecily (1968).mp3
16-the pastors - heather (1969).mp3
17-the shillings - strawberry jain (1969).mp3
18-comstock ltd. - annabelle jane (1969).mp3
19-neil sedaka - rainy jane (1969).mp3
20-cornerstone - holly go softly (1969).mp3
21-the package - gina (1969).mp3
22-the cuff links - robin's world (1970).mp3
23-the shuffles - madeleine (1970).mp3
24-faint heart and fair lady band - so long susie (1970).mp3
25-the curfew - photogenic jenny (1971).mp3
26-cherokee - rosianna (1971).mp3
27-white plains - julie anne (1972).mp3
28-featherbed - amy (1971).mp3

Volume 24
01-dick glasser & co. - in the sunshine days (hilo de seda) (1967).mp3
02-the francettes - young daddy (1964).mp3
03-ritchie dean - goodbye girl (1965).mp3
04-the starlets - you won't even know her name (1965).mp3
05-patrick - five different girls (1965).mp3
06-teddy randazzo & all 6 - trick or treat (1966).mp3
07-the hardtimes - goodbye (1966).mp3
08-lenny roybal - walk with me (1966).mp3
09-linda ball - always you (1967).mp3
10-the trend - boyfriends and girlfriends (1967).mp3
11-ron rich - ride with me (1967).mp3
12-the congregation - come, come (1967).mp3
13-the u.s. male - boys can be hurt (as much as girls) (1967).mp3
14-bob swanson & the bee jays - would you believe (1968).mp3
15-free for all - maybe tomorrow (1968).mp3
16-wild silk - monday, tuesday, wednesday (1968).mp3
17-the revelation - wait and see (1968).mp3
18-helen reddy - one way ticket (1968).mp3
19-margo guryan - spanky & our gang (1968).mp3
20-sagittarius - in my room (1968).mp3
21-orange colored sky - the sun and i (1969).mp3
22-the sound laboratory - twenty-first century girl (1969).mp3
23-popcorn rebellion - don't go walkin' in the rain (1969).mp3
24-jerry vale - hello and goodbye (1969).mp3
25-the tokens - groovin' on the sunshine-sesame street (1970).mp3
26-freddie allen - we've only just begun (1970).mp3
27-the neighborhood - laugh (1970).mp3
28-the bad habits - thank you for the love (1971).mp3
29-murry wilson - the plumber's tune (1967).mp3

Volume 25
01-donnie brooks - girl machine (1964).mp3
02-keith green - how to be your guy (1965).mp3
03-vern mcentire - seven million people (1965).mp3
04-eddie rambeau - my name is mud (1965).mp3
05-john stewart & john engel (the walker brothers) - i only came to dance with you (1965).mp3
06-the cowsills - party girl (1966).mp3
07-the danes - to make me a man (1966).mp3
08-r. dean taylor - there's a ghost in my house (1967).mp3
09-the fifth order - a thousand devils (are chasin' me) (1967).mp3
10-eternity's children - wait and see (1967).mp3
11-the cake - fire fly (1967).mp3
12-the merry-go-round - come ride, come ride (1967).mp3
13-the osmond brothers - i can't stop (1967).mp3
14-the family album - candy (1968).mp3
15-peter kastner - i just can't get over you (1968).mp3
16-the aliis - the sound of children (1968).mp3
17-colours - bad day at black rock, baby (1968).mp3
18-paul dowell & the dolphin - the last time i saw you (1969).mp3
19-the yellow jackets - when i first saw her face (1969).mp3
20-joy - so lovely (1969).mp3
21-sajid khan - someday (1969).mp3
22-michael j. james - get the message (1969).mp3
23-thee prophets - a little bit of love (never hurt anyone) (1970).mp3
24-andy williams - one day of your life (1970).mp3
25-rock flowers - number wonderful (1971).mp3
26-miss abrams & the strawberry point 4th grade - wonder (1971).mp3
27-cleves school choir - children of the world unite (1972).mp3
28-eddie lawrence & nick perito - a message to dj's from the old philosopher (_).mp3

Volume 26
01-micky dolenz - plastic symphony iii (1966).mp3
02-sonny & cher - the letter (1963).mp3
03-the barracudas - boss barracuda (1964).mp3
04-mike curb & the rebelaires - the rebel (without a cause) (1964).mp3
05-grady and brady - sad september (1965).mp3
06-bern elliott - good times (1965).mp3
07-terry woodford - it's his town (1966).mp3
08-the magic lanterns - knight in rusty armour (1966).mp3
09-raga & the talas - for old times sake (1966).mp3
10-the knack - i'm aware (1967).mp3
11-the crackerjack society - walk in the sky (1967).mp3
12-tony scotti - with all my heart (1967).mp3
13-the symbols - bye bye baby (1967).mp3
14-randy barlow - color blind (1968).mp3
15-the cisum - medal of honor (1968).mp3
16-the up-set - autumn concerto (1968).mp3
17-penny arcade - the bubble gum tree (1968).mp3
18-jorge - everybody wants to be loved (1969).mp3
19-ford theater - wake up in the morning (1969).mp3
20-the mod squad featuring lee greenwood - this is my woman (1969).mp3
21-the new kick - home (1969).mp3
22-bennett and evans - no, no you don't know (1970).mp3
23-the high and mighty - luckie (1970).mp3
24-larry marks - move (1970).mp3
25-badge - it's straight ahead (1971).mp3
26-london bridge - where does your love go (1972).mp3
27-george clements - back to you (1972).mp3
28-the international bell - luz (light) (1968).mp3

Volume 27
01-the girls from petticoat junction - i'm so glad that you found me (1968).mp3
02-the four freshmen - those magnificent men in their flying machines (1965).mp3
03-the indigos - he's coming home (1965).mp3
04-the american revolution - cold wisconsin nights (1966).mp3
05-danny warner - it hurts (1966).mp3
06-ronnie dante - i'll give you things (1966).mp3
07-the cake - baby that's me (1967).mp3
08-the surprise package - the merry-go-round is slowin' you down (1967).mp3
09-chapter v - the sun is green (1967).mp3
10-the gates of eden - no one was there (1967).mp3
11-3's a crowd - bird without wings (1967).mp3
12-london phogg - the times to come (1968).mp3
13-the hobbits - sunny day girl (1968).mp3
14-the gentrys - thiking like a child (1968).mp3
15-the magic ring - do i love you_ (1968).mp3
16-the mills brothers - the flower road (1968).mp3
17-chad munro - after all is said and done (1968).mp3
18-the cousins - if you could only be me (1968).mp3
19-sunny monday - show me how to love (1969).mp3
20-the carnival - laia ladaia (1969).mp3
21-charity - it ain't us who make the wars (1969).mp3
22-pat shannon - back to dreamin' again (1969).mp3
23-the springtime - better fly butterfly (1969).mp3
24-thee prophets - come to me (1970).mp3
25-mid day rain - welcome to the rain (1970).mp3
26-colage - my kind of music (1970).mp3
27-jack gold sound - summer symphony (1971).mp3
28-jonie mosby - music to my ears (1972).mp3

Volume 28
01-the tudor minstrels - love in the open air (1967).mp3
02-bonnie brooks - bring back my beatles (to me) (1964).mp3
03-darlene terri - ringo ringo (1964).mp3
04-the whippets - go go go with ringo (1964).mp3
05-the outsiders - the guy with the long liverpool hair (1964).mp3
06-the frugal sound - norwegian wood (1966).mp3
07-the oxfords - you won't see me (1966).mp3
08-the transatlantics - run for your life (1966).mp3
09-dave, stan & robin - day tripper (live! fro gazzarri's hollywood a go-go sunset strip!) (1966).mp3
10-the mustang - here there and everywhere (1967).mp3
11-david essex - she's leaving home (1967).mp3
12-the distant galaxy - lady madonna (1968).mp3
13-the lollipop tree - hey jude (1968).mp3
14-captain milk [edwin hubbard] - hey jude (1968).mp3
15-the sweet younguns - she loves you (1969).mp3
16-monday rain - it's all too much (1969).mp3
17-trash - golden slumbers and carry that weight (1969).mp3
18-terry knight - saint paul (1969).mp3
19-the magic christians - come and get it (1970).mp3
20-punch - while my guitar gently weeps (1970).mp3
21-lightmyth - across the universe (1970).mp3
22-springwell - it's for you (1971).mp3
23-posse - junk (1973).mp3
24-moran - the beatles' thing (1973).mp3
25-john foster & sons ltd. black dyke mills band - thingumybob (1968).mp3
26-the sundown playboys - saturday nite special (1972) - hidden track.mp3

Volume 29
01-ronnie dante - if you love me (1964).mp3
02-britain brothers - mary go-round (1965).mp3
03-the jones boys - i remember barbara (1966).mp3
04-the honeycombs - who is sylvia_ (1966).mp3
05-finders keepers - raggedy ann (1966).mp3
06-the west coast branch - linda's gone (1966).mp3
07-the sidekicks - miss charlotte (1967).mp3
08-sons of cajun - since ronnie left for boston (1967).mp3
09-the eye-full tower - carol cartoon (1967).mp3
10-the bright hour - adora (1968).mp3
11-san francisco earthquake - sophia (1968).mp3
12-the central nervous system - alice in wonderland (1968).mp3
13-the blades of grass - i love you alice b. toklas (1968).mp3
14-the merchants of dream - dorothy the fair queen (1968).mp3
15-hank shifter - mary on the beach (1968).mp3
16-the boys from new york city - mary and john (1968).mp3
17-the doomsday machine - where sally waits (1969).mp3
18-the golden horizon - dear emily (1969).mp3
19-oliver twist - beverly (1969).mp3
20-neil sedaka - jeannine (1969).mp3
21-oliver - anna (1970).mp3
22-the gross national product - alice mccrea (1970).mp3
23-rabbitt - betty betty bye bye (1970).mp3
24-the rumbles ltd. - hey lenora (1970).mp3
25-tony burrows - i've still got my heart, jo (1970).mp3
26-the cuff links - wake up, judy (1971).mp3
27-heavy breathing - eloise (1971).mp3

Volume 30
01-the congregation - theme from come, come (1967).mp3
02-the osmond brothers - mister sandman (1964).mp3
03-the robin hoods - wait for the dawn (1965).mp3
04-the beauchemins - my lovin' baby (1966).mp3
05-arnie corrado - how nice (1966).mp3
06-jacobson & tansley - dream with me (1966).mp3
07-the laughing wind - the bells (1966).mp3
08-ron rich - gypsy (1967).mp3
09-eternity's children - rumors (1967).mp3
10-don & the goodtimes - happy and me (1967).mp3
11-the u.s. male - the trouble with you is (1967).mp3
12-cupid's inspiration - my world (1968).mp3
13-colours - love heals (1968).mp3
14-the will-o-bees - shades of gray (1968).mp3
15-sandy salisbury - do unto others (1968).mp3
16-the ides of march - strawberry sunday (1969).mp3
17-the french revolution - americas (1969).mp3
18-cornerstone - love, nothing more (1969).mp3
19-the happy returns - i thought i loved her (1969).mp3
20-the in-keepers - daily news (1969).mp3
21-the source - yesterday is gone (1970).mp3
22-jackpots - jack in the box (1970).mp3
23-mark richardson - i keep it hid (1970).mp3
24-the vogues - i'll be with you (1971).mp3
25-society of seven - sweet sad clown (1971).mp3
26-scott english - brandy (1972).mp3
27-strawberry children - one stands here (1967).mp3

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