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都是用來 命令誰 做什麼 後面可用介系詞當副詞屬性 表達條件地點原因方法目的
例:(以get為例 要用got) My mother got me to repair my brother computer
let Tom's mother let him watch Tv after he finished his homework. 要他做什麼 並且有副詞

have I'll have my hair cut tomorrow. hava和get同像 get較口語 hava叫正式 我要讓頭髮 剪

make My boss made me give the project to your boss. 一樣是我老闆要我把專案 給你老閭


She's beautiful . Do you know who she is?
//名詞片語 wh-疑問詞+to v (不含why 含how)
I don't know what to say.

//問句開頭 間接問句
Could you tell me where the library is ?
//直述句開頭 間接問句
I want to know who the beautiful girl is.



xyz//用分詞或分詞片語修飾連接詞 主詞 動詞 將其省略
the man stood in the park,begging for money
//被動語氣 可倒在看後面句型再看主詞就可了解是被動嗎 倒著看就是從山頂上看 合理

Viewed from the top of the mountain,the town looks beautiful
//載眼鏡的男生是我老闆 wearing取代掉原先形容詞子句 who wear 主動語態和進行式

都是直接改成ving 口訣 主動進行
The man wearing glasses is my boss.
//被動語態將下面 that is 形面形容詞子句修飾language的連接詞和be動詞省略 保留過

//What is the language that is sopken in Epyte?



//so (也可用that that 常省略) 翻譯為以便於
Grandma put on her glasses so she could see the TV better.
//in order to 翻譯為 為了 植物需要水和陽光為了生長 後面接原形動詞
plants need water and sunlight in order to grow.
//農父養了一隻貓為了抓老鼠 for the purpose of 也翻譯為 為了 後面接動名詞
The farmer got a cat for the purpose of catching mice
//信用卡是如此方便 以致總是每個人都想有一張 so that 翻譯為 如此 以致於所以
Credit cards are so convenient that almost everyone has one.
//拉布拉多是這麼可愛的狗,以致於每個人都喜歡他 such ... that 也譯為如此 以致於

labradors are such cute dogs that everyone loves them


表客觀報導 陳述寫法
people say/think/believe/report ... that +s+v
//很多人相信四頁草代表幸運 believe可換成say/think/report 都代表據說
people believe that for-leaf clovers are lucky
it be + said/thought/believed/reported ...that+S+V
//很多人說高爾夫是很貴的運動 thought可換 said/believed/reportd
it is thought that golf is an expensive sport
//也可換成 that 子句往前 形成被動語態 後面用to+v 因為下面to後面沒動詞是形容詞 所

golf is thought to be an expensive sport

//傑克和法蘭克一樣聰明 第一個放在補語前面as 第二個as放在像誰的名詞前面
jack is as smart as frank
our teacher wants everyone to study as hard as possible
michael is as tall as wendy (is) //前後動詞一樣可省略後面動詞
taipei is not as big as tokyo (is) //否定用法 第一個as前加not 一樣後面動詞一樣可省略
常用as...as 句型
as white as snow 像雪一樣白
as cold as ice 冷的像冰
as easy as pie 非常簡單
as free as a bird 像鳥一樣自由
as quick as lightning 像閃電一樣快
he ran away as quick as lightning

as ...as possible 常見句型 前as+形容詞...後as+ possible=as+s+can
//讓我們盡快完成這專案 quickly as possible 盡可能快的意思
let's finish this project as quickly as possible

------------------------第二單元 養成句構力----------------------------


// 主要為who關係子句 重點是有限定名詞 要用,號來接形容詞子句
my brother david,who has a terrible voice,loves singing in front of people
我哥聲很爛的歌歌喜歡唱歌 在眾人前

//主要是感官動詞用法 listen to .look at . see. watch.her.等 句型:感動動詞+0+v/ving
he often makes us listen to him sing eltom john songs.
他經常叫我們聽他唱歌 eltom john的歌

//主要是片語 make fun of 是取笑的意思 of後面接名詞
when mary makes fun of alex,the teacher scolded her.

//主要是 A catch B +ving片語
I caught her buying the dvd of that movie

//主要是go to the +n 通常指定要去哪 不會加動作 直接加名詞 如go to the doctor 看醫生
Last weedend we went to the mountains and admired the scenery.

//on the sides of one mountain 副詞片語移到前面 表位置的動詞可這樣做
//表位置的動詞 lie(位於) live(居住) stand(矗立) 等
//表移動的動詞 come go 等
on the sides of one mountain stood many rare and beautiful tree.

//主要是片語 come across 是巧遇 偶然發現的意思
i hope i come across someone i know when i get to university.
希望我能遇到認識的人 當我上大學的時候

//主要是instead of 是而不 簡單來講就是instead of +不要這樣,後句接想做什麼
can i go shopping with you instead of staying home by myself?
我能和你去買東西罵 而不自己留在家裡

//主要是片語 keep from, keep阻止誰 from做 接ving
the police will keep the crowd from getting near the accident

//主要是as a result 片語 解釋為 因此 放句首+,號 或句尾
As a result,jim can speak both chinese and english fluently.
// as a result of 片語 譯作因做某事..
he lost his job as a result of his drinkng

//主要是片語generally speaking 一般來說 常置於句首或句中 句中前後文隔二個,號
generally speaking,people today know better ways to care for their bodies.

//the government has announced A new public health program
//但為了強調主詞 將後面那句 倒裝成主詞 成為被動語態
A new public health program has been announced by the government.
一個新的公共健康計劃被宣佈 被政府

//主要是 make the most of 片語 譯為善加利用某事
ken got his chance and made the most of it

//片語 A turn into B a變b 或者 turn a into b 把a 變b 如第二句
frog turned into a handsome prince
it is impossible to turn iron into gold

//主要是can't help+ving can't help 片語譯為 不禁想做什麼(ving).. 二句加but接原型v
i can't help giving food to the homeless cats'
donna is so nice that you can't help but like her
唐娜人很好 讓你不禁喜歡她

//片語deal with 處理 應付 或另一個意思關於 涉及 詳二句
i don't have time to deal with your problems
this book deals with the relationship between a boy and his dog

//授與動詞常有二個動詞 一個人一個物 人先物後正常 物先人後 先後要接to 如下
my father gave a bicycle to me on my birthday. 原句為下
my father gave me a bicycle on my birthday.

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