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Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)

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Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)

Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)

Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2005年05月最新版!


2005.05.25 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ軟體補給站

Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)


serial: AM70CRZ-9000002-FFV。


Amapi Designer 7 是一個給概念構思、建模和組合3D物件及場景的高階工具。創意之中帶

Amapi Designer 7 is a high-end tool used for the conception, modeling
and assembly of 3D objects and scenes.

The advanced modeling possibilities of Amapi Designer 7, including
complex surfaces, dynamic editing of construction parameters, boolean
operations, filleting, thickness, make it a powerful modeler that allows
you create incredibly complex models.

Unmatched in its short learning curve and flexibility, Amapi Designer 7
is geared especially to the creative designer. It will please beginners
as well as confirmed 3D artists with its speed, ease-of-use, and as an
efficient tool that lets you express yourself in 3D.

Key Features
Real-Time 3D Display Engines
Using advanced real time 3D display engines, Amapi Designer 7 has
evolved to new levels, bringing you improved visual surface perception
along with optimal visual comfort, while still conserving its legendary
creative qualities. Bringing optimized support for the latest OpenGL
extensions, Amapi Designer 7 fits perfectly with today's advances in
hardware speed and accelerated 3D display.

Fully Customizable New Interface
Amapi Designer 7's interface is now offered in two modes, Immersive or
Classic. Both are totally customizable and have been developed to give
precise and complete access to all the functions, options and working

New Workspace Controls
The brand new interface now integrates multi-view working planes,
control and memory of all selection types, along with total control and
personalization of all preview modes.

Unlimited Dynamic Geometry
Amapi Designer's new architecture is now virtually unlimited, thanks to
Dynamic Geometry. No matter how complex an object, the complete
construction history can be memorized, thus allowing dynamic re-editing
of all construction parameters, direct manipulation of multiple
-extrusion profiles or even interactive positioning of an object or
contour cut-out while dynamically previewing the result.

Object Instance and Clone Modeling
Powerful new features integrated into Amapi Designer 7 include the
notion of object instances, working with "clones" and reference models.
With these new features, you can design an object as a "Master" and
create virtual copies (clones) that can be placed, sized and oriented at
will. Modifications of the "Master" structure are then dynamically
reflected on the clones

Dynamic Symmetry Modeling
Based on the same concept as Object Instance, the Dynamic Symmetry
Modeling allows you to build, edit and control any object by mirror
copies. An ideal tool for sculpting characters, faces, or symmetrical

Major Enhancement of Construction and Modeling Tools
All construction and modeling tools have been dramatically improved in
terms of performance, available options and ease-of-use.

Direct Modeling on any Surface Plane
Amapi Designer 7 now lets you work directly on any surface plane or on
the camera plane as well as work at object's Normal or to draw using 3
reference grids, which can then also be used as background images.

Carrara Bridge
Amapi Designer 7 now includes a free Carrara plug-in allowing the two
applications to communicate with ease. This new plug-in lets Carrara
users manipulate native Amapi objects directly without conversion. These
two products complement each other perfectly, together forming a totally
accessible and versatile 3D toolkit.

Major Enhancement of Supported 3D File Formats
Amapi Designer 7 has also reinforced its communication with other major
3D image and manufacturing sources, offering complete support for all
the major 3D file formats.



Eovia Amapi Designer v7.1 英文光碟正式版 (強勁3D設計軟體)

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