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Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)

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Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)

Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)

Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2006年05月最新版!


2006.05.20 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ軟體補給站

Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)




Deep Exploration 是Right Hemisphere出品的一款功能強大的3D文件轉換大師,秤砣
許可以導入預覽VRML的wrl、vrml格式文件,Viewpoint的mtx、 vpp格式文件;可以轉
換導出Shockwave 3D文件(w3d格式)、VRML 場景世界文件(wrl、vrml)、
文件(wsad);通過安裝Anark愛好者們自己創作的Deep Exploration插件,可以導出
Anark Studio V1.5.2版最新開發提供的amx格式三維交換文件

Deep Creator?At A Glance

Deep Creator?is a powerful authoring application to create interactive 3D
environments, assemblies and objects. This application delivers an
authoring environment which includes a 3D modeler, a texture creator, and a
scripting engine in one package, all essential to producing powerful
interactive 3D content. The products' high performance toolset and "game"
engine empowers you to create 3D interactive scenes and walkthroughs for
training, simulation, support, and sales and marketing applications.

Deep Creator Benefits

Lower cost to author interactive 3D applications

Increase revenue via graphically differentiated offerings

Lower operating costs via better trained employees and customers

Compelling Interactive 3D

Many industrial graphic designers are familiar with both pre-rendered 3D
content in still shots, movie clips or in 3D viewing environments where the
user can rotate and inspect models in real-time. However, all of these
examples have lacked the ability to interact with the 3D model itself. With
Right Hemisphere Deep Creator, real-time 3D viewing and timeline based
interactivity combine to break free of these limitations. Compelling
interactive 3D content can now be created with the cutting edge tools found
in Deep Creator that allow the user to:

View and interact with objects from any position and distance.
Experiment with interactivity independent of step based procedures.
Locate and identify components and assemblies from all angles.
Change materials, parts, and configurations on the fly.
Experience instant feedback for both correct and incorrect responses.
Identify and manipulate parts through visual clues as well as pre-defined
Provide an immersive environment for product visualization and/or training

Easy to Use

Deep Creator's features are accessed though familiar Windows?standard text
boxes, sliders, drop downs, and tab panels. The Graphic User Interface (GUI)

itself has been designed to be immediately familiar to experienced 3D
and developers enabling them to generate real time 3D content quickly.

An integrated development environment provides one seamless workspace
incorporating modeling, scene composition, event animation, key-frame
animation, and scripting tools. This unique and unified workflow enables
content creators to focus on content creation rather than using multiple
software packages to do the same project tasks. In addition, Deep Creator
enables you to undo and redo events to give you the assurance and confidence

to undertake creative experimentation while still delivering on a deadline.

One of the most valuable features in Deep Creator is the ability to easily
adjust and refine animation timing, amounts, and object positions. In fact,
just about every animation and simulation scene parameter can be modified
utilizing a consistent WYSIWYG development.

Deep Creator Advantages

Accelerate delivery of interactive and other support offerings

Expand pool of interactive training authors

Leverage existing 3D assets and modeling applications

Effective and Powerful

Deep Creator has an effective and intuitive, object-oriented approach to
managing 2D and 3D objects including: base properties, alteration stacks,
animation stacks, physical simulation properties, advanced mapping, material

properties and more.

Animation events can be added to an object in seconds and then triggered by
user input such as mouse clicks or key presses, event timers, proximity
detection events, and object collisions, all in real time. In fact, with
fifty event driven animations at your finger tips, immersive, interactive,
information-rich learning experiences are a pleasure to design and

Easily author 3D animation and interactivity using the powerful Deep Creator


While complicated applications can be created solely with its powerful
animation tool set, Deep Creator also comes complete with its own LISP based

scripting language, a language already familiar to the AutoCAD community.
Standard programming functions, operations, and all Deep Creator specific
animations, alterations, object properties and scene settings can be
and incorporated through the built-in editor.

Finally, a C/C++ SDK kit along with extensive examples comes free with Deep
Creator, enabling developers to integrate real world sensors or simulation
engines, develop new features or extend the Lisp scripting language to meet
their own specialist, or project based needs.

Intergrate and Streamline Workflows

With the same powerful asset import technology used in both Right Hemisphere

Deep Exploration?and Deep Server, Deep Creator empowers you to immediately
focus on creating engaging content, rather than struggle with 3D asset
conversion. In fact, a built-in asset browser makes accessing and managing
your projects and assets simple.

Deep Creator has native support for the .rh file format which means high-end

CAD content repurposed with Deep Server or Deep Exploration can be directly
imported into Deep Creator, while still preserving all material assignments
and applied animations.

Content creators will find that Deep Creator comes with direct support for
importing over thirty (30) 3D file formats, including today's most popular
modeling applications such as 3ds Max? Maya? XSI? Lightwave? Cinema 4D?
and many, many more.

In addition to the extensive 3D import capabilities, Deep Creator's
integrated 3D modeling environment enables you to easily incorporate video,
text, audio, and 2D graphics into your application for a wide range of
and audio stimulation applications.

Whether you are looking to use CAD data to build interactive electronic
training manuals, innovative marketing communication materials or create
time simulations and games, Deep Creator will fit seamlessly into your
working environment and help to optimize your interactive 3D content



Right Hemisphere Deep Creator v2.2.1.1272 英文光碟正式版 (3D文件轉換大師)

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