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ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版

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ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版

ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版

ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2003年09月最新版!

超強的OCR 軟體,讓你不用再重新Key-In那些已經印出來的報告及資料,讓你的資
料再利用,最新、最強、最好的OCR 文字辨識軟體百分之百可以提高你的工作效率
全新版本支援Windows XP而且與微軟的Word、Excel及OutLook完全相容支援。支援
XML 格式輸出、PowerPoint的輸出支援、及全文檢索等多項新增功能哦!!

2003.09.19 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ軟體補給站

ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版
!!!安裝說明: 安裝前,請先執行光碟\CRACK\目錄下的序號/啟動碼產生程式
!!!產品類別: OCR文字辨識軟體
!!!相關網址: http://www.abbyy.com/ocr_products.asp?param=28603&from=maintopc

超強的OCR 軟體,讓你不用再重新Key-In那些已經印出來的報告及資料,讓你的資
料再利用,最新、最強、最好的OCR 文字辨識軟體百分之百可以提高你的工作效率

FineReader V7.0是可以絕對可以減少或是免除你的困擾的良方妙藥。

ABBYY FineReader Professional是OCR辨識軟體,它有著標準的Windows 95/98介
面,能夠直接在MS Word、MS Excel、WordPerfect及Word Pro中掃描和讀取文件、
信件或各類表格,並且能存成 RTF、TXT、DOC、CSV、XLS或HTML等格式。它能保持
表格與圖片中原始的多欄頁面設計。FineReader Professional在辨識方面支援ADF

Excellent Recognition Accuracy and Layout Retention
The world leader in accuracy has just become even more accurate! ABBYY
FineReader 7.0 is 25-40* more accurate than its predecessor. It can
easily recognize and replicate even difficult documents with poor print
quality or complex layouts, including multicolumn documents with pictures
, wrap-around text, varying fonts, color backgrounds, bullets, and complex

XML Output and Integration with Microsoft Office Word 2003
ABBYY FineReader can easily convert paper documents to XML using
Microsoft Word XML schema, widely anticipated to be an emerging standard
for file use. This allows users to take advantage of the XML file format
which can be manipulated and searched using any program that can process
industry standard XML.

Through XML support, FineReader 7.0 also streamlines the process of
recognizing and editing word documents. When exporting documents to
Microsoft Office Word 2003, FineReader automatically opens an embedded
view of the original document, allowing users to concurrently edit and
view their original documents, thus eliminating the need to switch between
the two applications.

PDF Input/Output Support
With ABBYY FineReader you can open, recognize and edit PDF files and
save them in any of the supported formats or export the data to your
favorite application. All PDF files created in FineReader are optimized
for publishing on the Web. FineReader supports output in any of the
four standard PDF file formats (text and pictures only, text over xyz566.com
, text under xyz566.com, and xyz566.com only) with additional controls such as
whether or not to replace suspect words with their xyz566.coms. This gives
users six PDF saving options.

Multilingual Recognition
ABBYY FineReader reads 177 languages, including English, German, French,
Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Russian,
Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Malay, Indonesian
, and others. Built-in spell-check is available for 34 languages.

This simplifies the data entry process for people working with a variety
of different countries and cultures.

Legal and Medical Dictionaries
ABBYY FineReader 7.0 includes legal and medical dictionaries for the
English and German languages, which improve recognition accuracy of
specialized legal and medical texts by 30-40*.

Easy to Use
ABBYY FineReader has an intuitive and friendly interface that guides
users through the OCR process. It is simple enough for a novice to master
in no time. Numerous additional settings and a large number of supported
formats will ensure excellent recognition results.

Save Results in Multiple File Formats
ABBYY FineReader supports export to popular office applications,
including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Lotus
Word Pro, Corel WordPerfect, and Sun StarWriter. Recognized text can be
saved in a variety of file formats, including PDF (with 6 saving options
), HTML, Microsoft Word XML, DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, DBF, CSV, and TXT.

WYSIWIG Text Editor
The multicolumn WYSIWYG text editor will allow you to view the full
layout of the scanned document during editing, so that you can quickly
check the file before exporting it.

Splitting Tool
The xyz566.com splitting tool will allow you to split the xyz566.com into several
areas and save each area as a separate page. This mode is particularly
handy for recognizing business cards scanned on one page, books, and
PowerPoint handouts.

Output to Microsoft PowerPoint
You can quickly convert presentation handouts or any other documents to
create new presentations or edit existing ones. (PowerPoint XP and 2003
are supported).

Full-Text Searches with Morphology Support
Any batch created in ABBYY FineReader can be used as a small database
with full-text search capabilities. You can search for words in all their
grammatical forms. This feature is available for the 34 languages that
have dictionary support.

Advanced xyz566.com Saving Options
ABBYY FineReader gives users the flexibility to change the compression
ratio and resolution of pictures when saving results in DOC, RTF, Word
XML, PDF, and HTML. Users can select sizes of saved pictures before
sending resulting documents by e-mail, storing or publishing them on the

Application for Completing and Printing out Forms
This bonus application is available for registered users. It transforms
a scanned form into a digital form with fields which can be defined and
then saved as a template. Users simply open the template, enter the
required information and print it out.

Barcode Recognition
FineReader 7.0 also supports barcode recognition, including recognition
of PDF-417 2D barcodes.

XYZ STUDIO 強力推薦!!!一定讓你值回票價,保證錯不了。




ABBYY FineReader OCR Professional V7.0 34國語言光碟正式版

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