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Cakewalk Sonar Producer v8.5.DVDR D2 英文正式版(電腦上創作聲音和音樂專業工具軟...

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Cakewalk Sonar Producer v8.5.DVDR D2 英文正式版(電腦上創作聲音和音樂專業工具軟體)(DVD版)(此片售價200元)

商品名稱: Cakewalk Sonar Producer v8.5.DVDR D2

商品分類: DVD綜合程式軟體1區

商品類型: 電腦上創作聲音和音樂專業工具軟體

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2010-09-30

熱門標籤: 電腦上創作聲音 Producer Sonar Cakewalk DVDR


Cakewalk Sonar是在電腦上創作聲音和音樂的專業工具軟體。專為音樂家,
SONAR 8.5新特性:
Step Sequencer 2.0:更強大的步進音序器
Session Drummer 3:最新版的虛擬樂器,全新介面、鼓組和音色
AudioSnap 2.0:更新的音頻量化和時間伸縮技術,新介面可控制所有核心參數,
和MIDI Pattern
支持Windows 7:測試完畢,推薦使用
BitBridge XR:在64位環境下運行32位插件,同時讓這些插件可享受到128GB記憶體


SONAR 8.5 Producer is the flagship digital audio workstation and
includes everything in SONAR 8.5 Studio plus exclusive
instruments like Session Drummer 3, Dimension Pro, TruePianos
Amber, and more; essential FX including 64-bit linear phase
mastering effects, vocal and percussion strips, a vintage
channel plug-in, and more; and exclusive tools like surround
mixing in 30 formats, SurroundBridge technology to use stereo
plug-ins in surround mixes, and POW-r dithering.

Session Drummer 3

* Drum and Percussion Sequencer
* Photorealistic drum kit UI: load kits, programs, patterns, and
tweak mappings
* Over 200 different drum sounds across 20+ kits and hundreds of
* Dedicated Mixer page for fine tuning kits
* Content from Ocean Way Studios, Sonic Reality, Steven Slate,
and Groove Monkee.

Dimension Pro

* Wavetable based synthesizer
* Electric pianos, organs, basses, orchestral, strings,
woodwinds, brass, ethnic, pads/layers, and other real-world
* Over 1500 patch presets, 8 GB of content.

TruePianos Amber

* Award-winning piano model designed to transparently integrate
with your hands and playing style for even more realism
* 7 model variations
* Reverb and velocity controls.

Rapture LE

* LE version based on the award-winning Rapture wavetable
* Searing synthesized sounds, leads, basses, pads, sequences,
and more
* Nearly 200 patch presets, expandable.

Roland TTS-1

* 16 channel multi-timbral GM2 instrument
* Keys, horns, strings, guitars, drums, more
* 256 patch presets, 9 drum kits.


* Drag and Drop Sampler, REX editor
* Bass, piano, pads, drums, vocals, REX-format loops, and
* Nearly 300 MB of programs, REX files, and multisamples.

Pentagon I

* Warm, Retro analog sounds
* Limitless parameter control
* Include Voice Modulator.


* Subtractive synthesizer
* Bass, leads, pads, more
* 8 banks with 550+ patches

Roland GrooveSynth

* Groove synthesizer
* Genuine Roland? synths and beat boxes including the
legendary 808 and 909 sounds
* 30 different instrument categories.


* REX loops/sample player
* Programming and sampling of drums and other pattern/groove
based content
* Over 250 MB of REX loops included.


* SFZ SoundFont sampler
* High Quality band limiting sample-playback engine for SF2
* 256 voices of polyphony, unlimited layers per voice.


* 16-pad looping/performance instrument
* Great for layering and triggering audio clips and creating
beats and grooves
* 4 GB of custom-designed loop construction kits.


* 16-pad groove sampler
* Perfect for drums and other loop-based music
* Load, edit, and trigger your own Groove Clips and
ACID?format loops.

DreamStation DXi

* Classic Analog modelling
* Easily create new patches with "Randomize" function.

Other New Features

Engine Work - Audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces and control
surfaces can now be disconnected and reconnected again or
?荾tswapped? while SONAR is running without the need to restart
SONAR. This is particularly useful for plugging in a new MIDI
controller while inspired to lay down a new part, or in the
event an audio interface needs to be power-cycled. SONAR 8.5
also includes optimizations and stability improvements for
recording audio, and while looping.

Open Support - Cakewalk has been, and will continue to be, a
proponent of open standards in software and hardware. SONAR 8.5
brings a variety of compatibility improvements for VST plug-ins,
as well as for Cakewalk? BitBridge technology, which allows for
access to classic 32-bit 懲86?VST plug-ins in a 64-bit 懲64?
environment. SONAR Producer customers can take advantage of the
new BitBridge XR, which automatically provides up to 32
BitBridge servers, each capable of using up to 4GB of RAM, for a
total of 128GB of RAM access from 32-bit plug-ins! SONAR also
now provides native REX loop support, via the Track View,
updated Media Browser, and new Matrix View.

Windows 7 Ready - Cakewalk was a finalist in Microsoft? 2009
Partner of the Year Awards, and as you would expect from the
industry-leading Windows DAW, SONAR 8.5 works with Windows 7.
Additionally, SONAR 8.5 was evaluated at an independent
Microsoft application compatibility lab and officially passed
the rigorous Win7 compatibility testing.

Media Browser - SONAR? Loop Explorer View has been updated and
expanded. In its new form, Media Browser is now SONAR? hub for
content. Audio Groove Clips, Step Sequencer Patterns, REX Loops
and Project5 MIDI PTN files can all be previewed in Media
Browser and easily dragged into any track. As well, video files
can be viewed in Media Browser and easily dragged into a Video
Thumbnail Track. Users? content folders can be stored and
recalled as handy Media Browser presets. SONAR 8.5 ships with
out-of-the-box presets that point directly to Beatscape REX
Loops, Session Drummer 3 MIDI Drum Loops, Step Sequencer
Patterns, RXP REX Loops, PTN MIDI Patterns, and MIDI Groove

Disc 1: Sonar 8.5 installation
*Disc 2: Beatscape 1.0.2 installation
Disc 3: Dimension Pro 1.2 installation
Disc 4: Additional Content


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