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http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/editorials/archives/2008/11/06/2003427916 EDITORIALS: The trampling of Taiwan’s rights [/b]Thursday, Nov 06, 2008, Page 8 Nov. 3, 2008, was a historic day for Taiwan, not because Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chairman Chiang Pin-kung (江丙坤) and Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) Chairman Chen Yunlin (陳雲林) met, but because it was the first of several days when the capital of the Republic of China was effectively ruled by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Nov. 3 was a day that saw both the nation’s dignity and human rights trampled.[/b] No national symbol of the ROC was allowed[/b] where Chen and his delegation might see it. National flags, a representation of national sovereignty, were seized by police from protesters and passers-by alike. People waving the five-starred PRC flag, however, were left alone. Freedom of speech was suppressed.[/b] Police broke into hotel rooms without cause or warrant, as in the case of four Democratic Progressive Party Taichung City councilors whose room on the sixth floor of the Grand Hotel was raided after the councilors exercised their freedom of speech by unfurling banners from the balcony. Individual human rights were suppressed.[/b] Police seized property without legitimate reason, a motorcyclist was stopped by police simply because the scooter was decorated with Tibetan flags and individuals having afternoon tea at hotels that Chen visited were dragged away. People were stopped and questioned on the street for wearing T-shirts reading “Taiwan is my country.” A music store was ordered to turn off its sound system and close its doors because it was playing Song of Taiwan. The list goes on. It appears the PRC’s territory does not end in the plane that carried Chen to Taiwan but is in force wherever Chen goes during his stay. President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) promised he would safeguard Taiwan’s dignity. He says the Presidential Office did not order ROC flags removed from the Grand Hotel and other spots. How could Ma expect such sophistry to be taken seriously when the flag has vanished from every site Chen has visited or passed? [/b] The Presidential Office said everything has been done according to the law. This does not identify which law was broken by people wearing a favorite T-shirt, playing a favorite song or hanging a protest banner. [/b] The image of the police has also been badly tarnished. Instead of being seen as helpful public servants, they appear arrogant, abusive and partisan. There has been widespread speculation about how Chen will address Ma when they meet today. What will it matter if Chen calls him “Mr. President” when Ma and his administration have so badly trashed the country’s dignity? Those who say the heavy police presence and repression will disappear once Chen leaves town miss the point. Everything that has happened this week shows not only how far from democratic a Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) government is, but offers a taste of what could be expected if Taiwan were to become part of China.[/b] For those too young to remember the Martial Law era, for those who wonder what Taiwan would be like if it were annexed by China, remember what has happened in Taipei this week. Taiwanese have come too far and fought too hard to go willingly into the darkness once again. [/b] 老爸:This is for you!!! Please pray for Taiwan, where you were devoted to. You are my brave warrior!!!!!!! 看到很好笑的一篇文章,擷取其中一段:http://taiwanyes.ning.com/profiles/blogs/taiwan-is-my-countrytai-wan 我的阿公不喜歡當日本人國民政府讓他喜歡日本我的同學不喜歡台獨陳雲林讓他們喜歡台灣 Blowing in the wind Bob Dylan[/b] How many roads must a man walk down Before they call him a man How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand How many times must the cannon balls fly Before they're forever banned The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind How many years must a mountain exist Before it is washed to the sea How many years can some people exist Before they're allowed to be free How many times can a man turn his head And pretend that he just doesn't see The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind How many times must a man look up Before he can see the sky How many ears must one man have Before he can hear people cry How many deaths will it take 'Till he knows that too many people have died The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind 飄在風中 一個男人得走過多少路 在他被稱為男子漢之前 一隻白鴿得飛過多少座海洋 才能在沙灘上安睡 加農砲還得發射多少次 才會被永遠禁止 答案啊!朋友,就飄在風裡 答案飄在茫茫的風裡 一座山能存在多久 在它被沖刷入海之前 人們究竟能存活多少年 在他們獲得自由以前 一個人能掉過頭去幾次 假裝他視而不見 答案啊!朋友,飄在風裡 答案就飄在茫茫的風裡 一個人得仰望幾次 才能看得見藍天 一個人得有多少雙耳朵 才能聽見人們的哭泣 還得有多少人死亡 他才能明白已有太多人喪生 答案啊!朋友,飄在風裡 答案就飄在茫茫的風裡 這是美國民歌史上最重要的作品之一,原作者是被公認為民歌一代宗師的字型軟體 Bob Dylan,不過第一個把它唱紅的卻是 Peter, Paul & Mary三重唱,並且在 1963年奪得全美排行的動態影像及影片轉檔工具亞軍。 第二次世界大戰,使得所有參戰國都元氣大傷,美國也不例外。戰後的新生代由於不願重蹈父兄的覆轍,建立起了新的價值觀,對於上一代所喜愛的一切,幾乎全盤予以否定,甚至開創了全新的搖滾文化。1957年,越戰爆發,MP3-CD美國介入了這場戰爭,投入大量人力、物力,還派遣子弟兵遠渡重洋,前往越南戰場,造成了慘重的傷亡,因此美國社會掀起了一股反戰的熱潮。在這同時,民歌也開始在全美各地校園流行起來,許多知識青年不僅利用他們所創作的民歌發表抗議的聲音,更積極的加入示威的群眾運動。 Bob Dylan在傳奇性的民歌宗師 Woody Guthrie啟迪下進入民歌界,很快的以獨特的風格在格林威治村以及各大校園受到注意。1962年四月,他以深具內涵的創作技巧譜出「Blowing in the Wind」的時候,才是個二十剛出頭的小夥子。MP3-CD這是他最早的「抗議歌曲」,xyz對人們傳統觀念中「男子漢」的定義提出了質疑,希望世人能以和平而理性的態度來解決爭端,不要再對世間的不幸視而不見、聽而不聞,更不要再讓無辜的人們繼續喪生在戰火之中。 http://www.tacocity.com.tw/abs1984/music.htm

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